I found my time of counselling incredibly valuable. During the sessions, I was able to explore what I was feeling both at the time and process things that had happened in my past. It also equipped me for going forwards - I no longer receive counselling but when I feel much more able to process and handle my emotions. I grew in my self-awareness, my understanding of my relationships and my understanding of my own emotional needs. I would recommend Martin Bennett's counselling to anyone. I found it incredibly helpful.

M.K. (23, Face-to-face and online sessions)

Right from the start Martin asked me if I would be willing to change and I said yes.  It took me a while to realise that this had to come from me, I thought it was everyone else who needed to change.  Once I realised this, the work was challenging but ultimately very rewarding. 

C.H. (44, Lawyer, Guildford)

Martin is an excellent counsellor.  He is a person who knows how to listen.  He encourages you to look at yourself and think through your feelings and reactions to difficult situations past and present.  He is a very empathic person.

A.C. (Female, 38, Guildford)

I didn’t want to see anyone about my situation, I thought I could handle it.  It took a trip to A&E with a broken hand from punching a wall for me to wake up and realise something was not right.  I work in a high pressure, performance based environment and I was doing really well but I found I was drinking more and taking drugs just to keep me going.

I could see that when my anxiety levels went up, my confidence and ability went down.  I was prescribed an anti anxiety by the doctor but it completely wiped me out and I became a zombie. I really didn’t see how talking to someone about my problems was going to help.

After just a couple of counselling sessions things got better and continued to improve. Martin helped me get a much better perspective on my life and my anxiety levels came right down.  I am able to do my job properly without the aid of booze or drugs.

K.T. (Male, 33, London)

I first came to see Martin because I was depressed and had been for at least 3 years. It clung to me like a wet onesie and I had come to accept that it would always be there. It was on me first thing in the morning and throughout the day, it affected my work, my family and my social life which became non-existent.

Very early on Martin said that he believed I could get rid of the depression and I didn’t believe him but I had committed to giving it a go.  It was hard work, challenging on all areas of my life but I can honestly say now that I am depression free and the difference is incredible. I am no longer on anti-depressants, I recently got a promotion at work, my anxiety levels have come right down, I am beginning to play sports again and I now have a few friends.

As you can probably tell, counselling with Martin has changed and improved my life and I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone especially if you are depressed.

F.P.  (Male, late 20’s, Financial Services Manager, London)

I do not consider it an exaggeration to say that Martin saved our relationship. I just thought everything was going wrong, seeing my partner struggle with anxiety and not being able to help emasculated me. I felt useless and pointless and this crept into my work life. I realised that I blamed Clare for everything that had gone wrong.

Counselling with Martin completely changed all that, we now approach problems together, we talk honestly about our struggles with no expectation of either one of us being able to save the other. It made all the difference and I would recommend Martin to anyone with relationship difficulties.

Phil (38, London)

I found Martin to be a very empathic, caring and compassionate counsellor.  He really listened and remembered names and details from week to week which made a big difference to me.  He helped me with my low self-esteem and eating disorders and made me feel valued and that my life had meaning.

A.F. (30, Female)

I have been seeing Martin for the best part of a year now. The work I do is deeply traumatic and my manager suggested I see a counsellor for support. Our sessions together have far exceeded my expectations, triggering insight and breakthrough in a way that I didn’t think was possible. Issues of identity that I had come to accept as part of who am I has been pushed to the surface, and I have begun to live my life with greater freedom. 

E.W. (Male, 20s, Youth Worker, Surrey)

I lost my husband and mum in the same year and I was devastated.  For 6 months I could do nothing but cry.  It was my eldest daughter who suggested I see a counsellor and after the first assessment I knew I would get on with Martin. It may seem strange to say, but I knew straight away that we had a similar sense of humour and that we would connect.

Over the course of the next 6 months I saw Martin most weeks.  At times the sessions were really hard and I felt like giving up but Martin never gave up on me and I was able to slowly put the pieces of my life back together again.  Of course, not all the pieces were there now but I realised I am not defined by what is missing in my life but by what I have and what I can offer. I am still very sad and get upset about the death of my husband at the age of 45 but I am no longer overwhelmed by it.  I have treasured memories of him and my mum but they no longer cripple and crush me.

Martin has helped me discover my inner strength and resilience.  I have become so much more self aware and self confident, this has enabled me to be a better mum to my children and a better friend to my friends and family.

Debbie (46, lawyer / mother, Surrey)

I first started seeing Martin for my anxiety, I had been having panic attacks where I thought I was dying. He helped me understand what was going on and that there were reasons why I felt like this.

My life had become unmanageable and I couldn’t think straight.

One of my main struggles was the negative impact of pornography.  From the age of 14 I was exposed to prostitution and pornography and for me it was just a part of life.  I noticed that as my anxiety increased my dependence did as well and I was drinking more and smoking too much weed.  It made such a difference being able to talk honestly with someone about my feelings, I would always get angry or defensive if anyone questioned my way of living but Martin just accepted it and didn’t judge so for the first time ever I was able to talk about things that I always kept hidden.

I would say I am now in recovery thanks to the work Martin did with me.  I’m not sure I will ever be completely free of my addiction but my life is now manageable, I can be me and I feel so much better.

Joe (23, Surrey)

I was seeing Martin for anxiety and depression. I realised quite quickly that most of my issues came from the relationship with my partner and he agreed to come along for a few sessions.

Seeing Martin helped us realise that we had stopped effective communication.  We had drifted apart emotionally and physically and were beginning to resent each other. With Martin’s help we were able to get a new perspective on our relationship, I found when I was able to see things from Phil’s point of view it helped hugely.

Our relationship is now better than it has ever been and I no longer have anxiety or depression.

Clare (36, Musician, London)