slide-1 “Depression clung to me like a wet onesie...
I am now depression free”
Struggling with anxiety and/or depression?
slide-1 “I do not consider it an exaggeration to say counselling saved our relationship” Are you having relationship issues? slide-1 “Work completely controlled my life, I lived to work. After only 8 sessions with Martin, I now feel I work to live... I now have a happier healthier attitude” Over stressed and undervalued at work? slide-1 “Our sessions together have far exceeded my expectations, triggering insight and breakthrough in a way that I didn’t think was possible” Coping with past or more recent trauma? slide-1 “I thought it was everyone else who needed to change. Once I realised this, the work was challenging but ultimately very rewarding.” Adjusting to a major change in your life? slide-1 “I realised I am not defined by what is missing in my life but by what I have and what I can offer” Coming to terms with bereavement or loss?
Martin Bennett
BA (Hons) Counselling, MBACP, MACC
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I believe we all have the capacity to change, sometimes this is easy and straightforward, other times it is challenging requiring new levels of self-awareness, acceptance, courage and commitment.

I offer the opportunity to explore challenging areas of your life in a safe and confidential environment. If you can relate to any of the following or are struggling in any other way, I can help you.

  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • depression
  • alcohol and drug dependency
  • eating disorders
  • lack of self-worth/self-esteem
  • abuse
  • spiritual issues and abuse
  • post traumatic stress disorder
  • work related stress
  • stress
  • anger management
  • bereavement and loss
  • mid-life crisis
  • existential angst
  • pornography and sex compulsions
  • relationship breakdown
  • suicidal ideation and self-harm
  • rejection
  • living with narcissism
  • co-dependency
  • family breakdown
  • sleeping problems
  • emotional issues – crisis and/or deficiency
  • childhood trauma and complex family background

Confidentiality is fundamental to counselling and is the cornerstone for building a beneficial therapeutic relationship built on mutual respect and trust.


What to expect

After initial contact the first session is an assessment. This is a chance for you to see if you would be happy to work with me and for me to see if I can help you. Following the assessment, we will set up a regular meeting slot.

I recommend at least to begin with, meeting weekly. This builds up continuity and helps the therapeutic relationship develop. The therapeutic relationship, or how we get on is central to benefitting from counselling therapy and regular reviews will take place in order to ensure the integrity of the relationship.